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Our Progress

Please will you help us?

You can do so by donating today. A gift of any amount will make a real difference as we work towards achieving our goal. You can do this by:

Sending a cheque or CAF Voucher to the Cathedral & College made payable to ‘Friends of The Cathedral of The Isles’

Donating via PayPal through the link on the Home Page (click)

If you are a UK taxpayer then please download and return the form on our appeal leaflet (click)


Re-carpeting of Library, Common Room, North College corridors & bedrooms in both buildings
Making good and painting of Library & Common Room 
Repainting of bedrooms and South College stairwell
Transfer of good carpet to South College stairwell and 3 bedrooms
New hospitality trays with eco-friendly kettles and bedside lamps with LED bulbs in all bedrooms

Awaiting funding:

Comfortable chairs for college bedrooms

(estimated at £4500)
Wardrobes for college bedrooms

(estimated at £2000)
Artworks (estimated at £1600)
New flooring for rooms in College Annexe (estimated at £5000)
Making good and repainting of College Annexe (estimate at £1000

Repairs to plumbing and sewerage in College Annexe (estimated at £2000)
General remedial work for College Annexe (estimated at £2000)

Restoration of Cathedral Chancel Ceiling (estimated at £17000)
Restoration of floor and wall tiles in cathedral (estimated at £5000)

Thank you for your interest in our current appeal. We aim to raise £60,000 to undertake a significant amount of refurbishment work in the College and Cathedral.

We list here the work that we have planned and what have been able to complete to date

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Left: a room in North College

Above: new carpet for a Butterfield staircase

New eco-friendly kettles